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Freeze Property Tax for Seniors

PROBLEM: Coming from humble beginnings, Jason understands the struggles Oregonians are experiencing today with the high cost of food, fuel, and services.
This is especially difficult for seniors with a fixed income as they must make a choice between medications, food, and housing.

SOLUTION: Jason is committed to work on legislation to help seniors stay in the homes they know and love. He believes no senior should be forced out of their home because they can not afford the property taxes.

Parents' Rights

PROBLEM: The COVID-19 experience that Oregonians went through was appalling with the mask mandates, lockdowns and the threat of vaccination passports. The one silver lining was that parents saw what was going on in their schools. They witnessed CRT and the indoctrination of our children’s sexuality. That should be the parents’ job and their job alone.

SOLUTION: Parents should know what is being taught to their children and how it is being taught. Parents are the ONLY legal guardians of their children. I believe in school choice. If a parent wants to pull their child from public schools and send them to the private school of their choice, this option should be available and the dollars should follow the child.

No Sales Taxes

Unless voters approve

PROBLEM: The Legislature has asked voters 6 times to approve a sales tax, and all 6 times voters have said “NO”. So lawmakers in Salem have gone around voters and passed sales taxes without ANY approval from the voters.

SOLUTION: Jason is committed to voting against any new sales tax that has not been explicitly approved by the voters.

Local Control

PROBLEM: For too long, legislators have decided that they know best how to determine what type of communities Oregonians want. For instance, the Middle Housing sounds like a great idea, however, many communities simply do not have the infrastructure to support it.

SOLUTION: I believe local city jurisdictions should determine what best suits their needs.


PROBLEM: Oregon has experienced the worst uptick in crime it has seen in years. Part of the problem has been by defunding the police and taking away tools that help them do their jobs. Police are not able to enforce the law and this has embolden criminals to commit crimes with no fear of prosecution.

SOLUTION: We need to get back to enforcing the laws on the books and hold criminals accountable. I will support our law enforcement and work to give them the tools they need to keep us all safe.

Stop Metro Expansion

Unless voters approve

PROBLEM: Metro has tried to bring light rail throughout Oregon, even against the will of the voters. They continually find ways to expand the Max Light Rail system and Oregonians are left paying the tab for a system that is unsafe, brings crime and homeless people, forces business to leave and loses millions of dollars every year.

SOLUTION: I am committed to voting against any Metro expansion that voters in my district do not support.

Toll Roads

PROBLEM: Most families cannot afford to pay an additional fee every time they use a road they have already paid for. Additionally, citizens driving aspirated (fuel- powered) vehicles should not be subsidizing electric or hybrid vehicles.

SOLUTION: I am opposed to any toll roads in the state of Oregon without full voter approval. I also believe we need to find an equitable solution that holds hybrid and electric car owners accountable for the road fuel tax that they do not contribute to.

Second Ammendment

PROBLEM: For too many years Legislatures have been referring to crimes where guns are used as “Gun Violence”. When somebody is injured with a knife it is not called “Knife Violence”, they simply call it a crime. That is what using gun in a malicious manner is–a crime. Legislatures have used this term to pick away at our rights.

SOLUTION: I will not support any legislation that goes against our Constitution and our 2nd Amendment.

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Oregon Moms Building Excellent Schools Together PAC
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Jami Cate
Oregon State Representative
Jessica George
Oregon State Representative
Loren Boeckman
6th generation Wilsonville family, Business Owner
Krista Thorne
Sherwood School Board Director
Duncan Nyang'oro
Sherwood School Board Director
"Jason Fields has common sense policies that help working families, protect children and seniors!"
Lori Kappler

Jason Fields' Story

Jason Fields is a native Oregonian–raised in Portland and graduated from Rex Putnam High School. He’s spent the last 25 years with the love of his life Andrea, has one daughter, Ashley, and two grandchildren, Valen and Elizabeth.

From an early age, he developed a strong work ethic doing many jobs including picking berries, mowing lawns and painting. During his time in high school, he worked to help support his family, as times were hard for his father and siblings.

After graduating high school, Jason began his career as a mechanic which he held for a period of ten years. Jason then decided to move into a sales career and sold printing for thirteen years. During his tenure, he was able to use and develop his skills as an expert problem solver. He identified sales opportunities that were beyond the scope of the company’s capabilities and became pivotal in expanding the company offerings to become a ‘full service’ provider. This resulted in the ability to target new sales channels and become a leader in the printing industry for ‘Point of Sale’ materials, which also included kit packing services.

In 2011, Jason decided to make a career move. He started selling tow trucks throughout Oregon and Washington as an independent contractor. He’s still the go-to sales guy for folks in those states who need a tow truck. In addition, he’s a small business owner, manufacturing small parts for air-cooled Volkswagen bugs and buses, shipping his parts all over the world. 

Jason participates in multiple hobbies, such as singing country music and being an avid car enthusiast. His car hobby resulted in building several national award-winning show cars, which were shown around the U.S. at various car events and featured in several magazines. Jason also spends his time helping family, friends, and neighbors.

In 2021, Jason decided to become a more active participant in his community and joined the Yamhill County Republican Party. He was appointed to become a ‘Precinct Committee Person’. This volunteer position involves being an advisory to the party and representing the people in his district and voting on their behalf. Following this, Jason was nominated and voted in as the ‘Budget Committee Chair’ for the Yamhill County Republican Party. In addition, Jason is a member of the Yamhill County Investing in Nonprofit Organizations Grant Committee.

His political volunteer work took an unexpected, but interesting turn, when Jason was approached by the Oregon Republican Party and asked to consider running for House District 26. Because of his passion for Oregon and his community, he’s honored to request your votes as he now works to towards representing this hard-working district in Salem.

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